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Introducing CardoO Earbuds

Sound that makes you move. Remember what sounds good, Feels good!


Control with a touch

Switch tracks, take a call and control the volume

Noise Cancellation

Incredibly removes even the slightest noise that comes in

long life Battery

One charge provides up to six hours of playtime

Support All Mobiles

compatible with all iPhone and Android smartphones

Artificial intelligence assistant

Offering a faster & easier way to get your things done in every aspect in life,
Use your unique voice to have your assistant arrange your practical life

Own the future now!

Innovative clear Microphone

Cardoo’s Earbuds Adaptive Microphone captures your voice clearly and accurately. Which eliminates the unwanted sound with anti-noise. plus the audio quality with High-excursion and low-distortion to enjoy a perfect experience ever.

Keep it all under control!

control all your music, movies, podcast, and YouTube with one touch.
Using the perfectly designed and comfortably fit Cardoo Earbuds.

Join 100,000 happy buyers

Support iPhone and Android Smartphone

Fine-tune sound bass

They’re my first earbuds, I would say they are pretty useful, easy to use, and reliable. Being compatible with Smartphone AI assistants is an outstanding feature.


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