CardoO eBoOk

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تابلت كاردو للكتابة هو اختراع جديد هيخليك تكتب عليه كل الشغل والمذاكرة
بيندمج مع الموبايل عن طريق ابليكشن كاردو eBoOk وبيسجل وبينظم كل حاجة.
بيوفر 100,000صفحة ، بيستحمل أي وقعة ، بطارية لمدة سنتين وقلم sensitivity بخطوط كتير.

غير متوفر في المخزون

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CardoO eBoOk is a new invention that allows you to write all your work and studying on it, with smart mobile phone integration through CardoO eBoOk application

✅ write more than 100,000 pages.
✅ durable, strong and can endure any hit.
✅ Advanced liquid Screen.
✅ The battery lasts for two years.
✅ CardoO eBoOk free app.
✅ Sensitivity pen and several fonts.
✅ Organize all your tasks.

Our goal that with eboOk CardoO is helping you to reach the magical formal of you work less and success more.

How to use:
1- Write on a CardoO eBoOK.
2- Download CardoO eBoOk Application on both Android or iOS.
3- Open the application and scan all CardoO eBoOk screen.
4- Arrange your work on the mobile and enjoy the endless storage space through the application.

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Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 20 × 6.5 × 28 cm