CardoO Watch user manual

Welcome to your CardoO Watch. You can fully understand the use and operation of this watch by reading this guide. The Company reserves the right to modify the contents of this Guide without any prior notice.

Box package contains: ( A packing box, , a host, a user manual, and a data cable.

I.CardoO Watch function description

1) Short press on the dial interface to enter the menu style interface and short press on the menu style interface to exit.
2) In the menu style interface, short press twice continuously to switch the menu style.
3) When entering the second-level interface or the third-level interface, the short-press function is the first-level and first-level exit function at the same time.
4) Long press the crown, choose √ to shut down and choose X to not shut down.
5) In the dial interface or menu interface, rotate the crown to switch between different dials and menu pages.
Charging instructions:
Magnetic charging, as shown in the picture below.

1) Swipe to the right to find the “+” icon, click the icon to add part of the menu as a shortcut function.

2) Slide down to find Bluetooth connection status, time, power, do not disturb mode, brightness adjustment and other functions.

3) Swipe to the right to display, time,date,week, the latest message, turn on or off Bluetooth for calls and display some of the recently used menu functions.

4) Swipe up to enter the menu interface. Swipe up and down to find the corresponding function.

5) Long press on the watch face interface and slide to switch the watch face, select it and touch it to set it successfully.

1) When the watch is connected to the APP, and the notification permission is turned on, the new messages received in the notification bar of the mobile phone will be pushed to the watch, and a total of 10 messages can be saved. The messages received after 10 messages will be overwritten by new ones.

2) Swipe to the bottom to press the deletion icon to clear all message records.

The dial interface slides down to open the drop-down menu interface.

1) Bluetooth connection status, time display,and power display

2) The first icon: about.

3) The second icon, do not disturb mode, turn on do not disturb only for message, not for phone audio.

4) The third icon: brightness adjustment.

5) The fourth icon: control mobile phone music (connect to APP).

6) New shortcuts added to drop down

Add a second page by pulling down half of the screen, (after pulling down, slide left or right), you will find more shortcut features.

GPS, mode selection, power saving mode, alarm clock, flashlight, voice assistant

In power saving mode, the brightness display will be slightly different.

1- Enter the left swipe interface.

2-Click the connection icon to turn on/off bluetooth.

  3- Turn on Bluetooth, and go to “About” to turn on Bluetooth.

4- Open phone settings and search with “  Bluetooth name + last four digits of Bluetooth address”

5- After the phone is connected to Bluetooth successfully, you can use the watch to answer the calls.

Call logs:

  • Keep logs of connected and outgoing calls. 
  • More than 50 calls can be saved.
  • When 128 records are full, new ones will be automatically overwritten.
  • You can click any call record to call back.
  •  Dial the keyboard, you can enter the phone number to make a call.

The watch and the APP are successfully connected, the corresponding notification authority in the mobile phone system is opened, and the mobile phone information can be synchronized with the watch.

1.5.1. Incoming call notification:

Turn on the call reminder in the application. When the phone receives the call reminder, the watch will light up or vibrate.

1.5.2. SMS notification:

The SMS notification is enabled in the personal application. When one or more of SMS messages are received on the mobile phone, the watch will receive one or more SMS reminders at the same time.

1.5.3. Other application message notifications:

Turn on the  message notification for the desired application in personal applications, such as Facebook, Instagram and other applications. When the mobile phone receives notifications of one or several messages, the watch will receive the same messages at the same time.

You can connect to the APP. select frequently used contacts then add contacts (up to 20 contacts can be added), which can be synchronized to the watch, and the watch can display up to 20 contacts.

When the watch is switched to watch mode, the watch will disconnect the Bluetooth connection and the watch can be used independently, making it more power-efficient.

When the watch is switched back to smart mode, the watch can connect to the APP on the phone to perform more smart operations.

Sports modes

The fitness data is turned on by default. Enter the fitness data interface and slide from bottom to top to display the current number of steps, distance, and calories. The data is cleared at 12 o’clock in the morning every day.


  • Select exercise mode.
  • Click the start button on the screen to enter exercise mode.
  • Click the start button for the exercise in progress to pause the workout.
  • Click the Finish button to end the data exercise.

1.9.2 When the exercise time is longer than 1 minute, the exercise data can be saved. When the exercise is saved under this condition, this message will be shown “Too little data to save”.

1.9.3 Newly added more exercise modes to choose from, such as gym, yoga, indoor running and free training.

1.9.4 Newly added GPS tracks. When the APP enters the motion function, the watch will enter the GPS motion at the same time.

 After the exercise, the motion track of the mobile APP will be synchronized with the watch for users to check.


Put the watch on your wrist correctly, enter the heart rate menu, and you can measure the heart rate at a time.

  • Put the watch on your wrist correctly.
  • Open the APP (ECG monitor interface) to enter the ECG menu.
  • You can measure the ECG value in a single time.
  •  ECG measurement can be saved in the APP simultaneously. This function needs to be connected to the APP to use .
  • Record the status of women’s menstrual period, you can view the data of the most recent month end time, the length of the menstrual period, and the number of days between menstrual periods on the app.

  • Set the start to end time period and frequency (minutes) in the APP, click to enter the repeat setting, select the drinking reminder date (week), check the drinking reminder and save it. When the reminder time for drinking water comes, the watch will vibrate and there will be a drinking water icon.


Connect the watch to the APP, find my QR code on the APP interface, select WeChat/QQ/ Alipay and other “Receive money QR code” to save (the specific operation method is based on APP’s instructions).

  • Simple calculations can be performed after entering.

Connecting to the APP, you can control the phone’s music (start/pause/previous song /next song). You will listen to the playing song sound on the phone, not from the watch.

Sleep monitoring period, starting from the beginning of bedtime until waking up the next day, the watch generates data. After exiting the sleep monitoring, the sleep data on the watch can be synchronized with the app.

Click the stopwatch to enter the timing interface, and you can record the time.

After the watch is connected to the app and the data is synchronized, click on the weather on the watch to display the weather information of the day.

After connecting the watch with the app, tap the watch to find the phone, and the phone will vibrate or make a ringtone.

Click the weather on the watch side to display the ultraviolet rays and air pressure conditions of the day.

There are three modes of breathing: slow, moderate, and fast. You can select the appropriate mode and perform the breathing according to what you choose.

Tap the green button to start the massage, the watch is in a vibrating state, tap the red button to end the massage state.

Disconnect from the mobile APP and set the time function on the watch separately.

After connecting audio Bluetooth, you can wake up the phone’s voice assistant feature.

Tap the flashlight icon, the watch screen will be fully lit to achieve the torch function.

There are a variety of menu styles to choose from. After setting, the menu style of the watch will also be changed.

1) When you enter, you can select the watch language, connect to the APP, and synchronize data. The watch and the phone have the same language.

2) Switch the watch face, slide the screen to check watch faces, select a watch face, and click to set a new face.

3) Bright screen time: You can set the number of minutes you want..

4) Vibration intensity: click to set vibration intensity among a range of sorts..

5) Phone bluetooth: can be turned on/off. 

6) Password:  a 4-digit password can be set (if you forget the password, please enter 8762, which can be decrypted)

7) Restore factory settings; click √ to enable the factory reset, and click X to cancel the factory reset.

APP installation

Search for “WearPro” in the Google Play App Store or any customized Android Store to download, remember to check the phone pop-up box to agree to the terms when installing.

Search for “WearPro” in the APP Store to download, remember to check the mobile phone pop-up box to agree to the terms when installing.

After WearPro is installed, the application icon is shown as:

  1. Connect APP through mobile phone Bluetooth.

Scroll down on the watch main interface, find the icon “About (i)” and click it, and remember the Bluetooth name of the watch. Then, open the WearPro APP on the mobile phone, click on the “Device” column, and click on “Search to bind device” to start searching. In the Bluetooth list, find the Bluetooth name of your watch and pair it. If the connection is successful, the Bluetooth icon of the watch will light up green.

After pulling down on the watch main interface, click on the first icon displayed “About (i)”, you can see a QR code for connection, then take out the phone to open WearPro, and in the “Device” column, select “Scan to bind device”, the pairing box will pop up after scanning the QR code. Click “Pair” to connect the App to the watch. Remember to check to agree to the notification permissions of various Apps.

Connect the watch’s audio/call Bluetooth channel:

Open the Bluetooth settings of the phone, swipe right on the main interface of the watch, click the “phone call” icon that appears below, and click “Open” to see the name of the audio/call Bluetooth. Find the Bluetooth name in the Bluetooth list of the phone and pair. after the audio/call Bluetooth is connected, the Bluetooth icon of the watch is displayed as (the outer periphery ) lights up in blue.

Make sure to tap” Allow sync of different app notifications” in WearPro settings, and Sync for different messages from mobile on the side of the watch. To perform all calling functions (such as making a phone call through the watch), make sure that both the APP side and the Bluetooth audio side are connected to the phone.

4.Disconnect bluetooth from the APP side.
4.1 Android system unbind Bluetooth from the APP
In the device column of WearPro, scroll down to the disconnect.
4.2 IOS system:
In the device column of WearPro, , scroll down to disconnect. Then go to the Bluetooth settings of the phone, select the Bluetooth name of the smart watch, and click “Ignore this device”

After canceling the Bluetooth connection on the APP, the green connection in the middle of the Bluetooth icon of the watch is released, and the blue light outside the circle is still lit.

5. Unbind audio Bluetooth connection
To disable the audio Bluetooth connection, find the name of the audio Bluetooth in the Bluetooth settings of the mobile phone, and click “Ignore this device” to unbind all Bluetooth connections with the watch. After process is completed, the watch’s bluetooth icon will return to gray, which means no connection.

Software features

The watch is successfully connected to the app. Click to find the watch on the mobile app, and the watch will vibrate once when the screen is on.

Tap the camera to wake up the watch device’s camera mode, tap the camera button to take a photo, and the picture will be automatically saved to the phone album.

The watch is successfully connected to the app, and the data from the watch can be synchronized to the app.

Wear the watch correctly on your wrist. When you turn on the hand-up button, when you lift your wrist to look at the watch, the watch will automatically brighten the screen.

In the APP Device>More, set the start to end time, such as: 12:00 to 14:00 noon for the do not disturb mode, during this time there will be no phone calls and message sound reminders on the watch.

In the APP, Device>More, Set the alarm, and you can set it daily and set fixed days for the alarm weekly.

Set the start to end time period and the sitting time interval (minutes) in the APP, click to enter the repeat setting only once or select the standing reminder date (week). When the sedentary time is reached, the watch will vibrate and there will be a sitting icon.

Warranty Description:

1. When this product is in normal use, if there are product quality problems caused by manufacturing, materials, design, etc.,
From the date of purchase, the motherboard is guaranteed for free within one year, and the battery and charger are guaranteed for half a year.
2. No free warranty is provided for failures caused by the user’s personal reasons, as follows:
1). Failure caused by unauthorized disassembly or modification of the watch.
2). Failure caused by accidental fall during use.
3). All man-made destruction or due to the third party’s fault, misuse (such as water into the host, external force cracking, scratches on peripheral components damage, etc.) are not covered by the warranty.
3. When requesting a free warranty, please provide a warranty card with the date of purchase and the stamp of the place of purchase.
4. When you want to repair the product, please bring it to our company or our company’s dealership.
5. All functions of the product are based on physical objects.