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Can we use VR in any mobile?

VR devices are compatible with all samrtphones which supports the 360 and 3D technologies, and these functions are available in all the recently released smartphones .

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How does a writing tablet work?

writing tablet is a kind of electronic device that uses high tech flexible liquid crystal technology to display words, patterns and graphics by pressure. You can write or draw with some gentle pressure. And it’s extremely low power consumption, it only uses power when you erase the screen.

What is a writing tablet?

is a very good option for adult people, for taking notes, memos etc. it gives you a practical tool for improving your writing skills and encourage to achieve a greater success in work,study and put your creative ideas into paper whenever you choose.

what is the color of the screen and writing ?

The color we use is “light green” with the black background because all the scientific research has proven that these are the best colors to keep your eye comfy , even if you use it for long hours your will never get tired, also you can modify the colors on CardoO eBoOk app.

What is CardoO eBoOk made of ?

The whole body is made of plastic and a liquid screen.It’s very light weight about 110 grams and very slim with a 4.5 mm thickness.

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