6 Advantages of CardoO eBoOk

1- Unlimited pages:

Enjoy 100.000 pages till the battery ends and once you change it you can enjoy a 100.000 more, you can write or draw as much as you can.

You will have no limit to write at eBoOk tablet, go creative .. nothing can stop you word flow!

2- Endurable material:

CardoO eBoOk tablet can bear with you and with your work, it is portable so you can take everywhere to finish your work & is easy to carry anywhere.

Also, it can stand with you for 2 years lifelong battery.

3- Allow Natural Drawing Motion:

Through taking benefits of the motion utilized during drawing, a drawing tablet could give considerably smoother curves as well as creates small, complicated shapes with ease compared to the mouse.

4- Magical sensitive pen:

Not like the usual click on or off, eBoOk could measure the least amount of force giving remarkable control. You are to control the size and font of what you write or draw.

5- Increase Productivity and Efficiency:

Perhaps this is one of the main benefits of using eBoOk.

It indeed increases your productivity and efficiency and will give you 3 times better writing speed.

6- Gives you a sharp memory:

eBoOk stores a lot of memory and saves all the data and drawing that you have been creating, without any problems. Through the mobile Application “CardoO eBoOk”.

Who are we?

As technology is the fastest moving consumable good, we utilize this fact to create products that enhance the day-to-day lives of thousands, and even millions, of consumers every day.

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