Apple “Unleashed” Event Recap

On October 18, 2021,

The last event’s focus was on iPhones and Apple Watches. The main focus of this event is on music and Macs; new chips, new AirPods, and new MacBook Pros. 

Let me walk you through the new updates to the AirPods…

The M1 Pro and M1 Max models.

When Apple debuted its own insanely fast M1 processor in 2020, it blew our minds. Now it’s multiplied with two new M1 chips, the M1 Pro and M1 Max.

Apple says the M1 Pro CPU is up to 70% faster than the original M1, with a GPU up to two times quicker, 32GB of unified memory, and bandwidth of 200GB/s.

In the meantime, the M1 Max boosts up to 64GB of single-memory. The M1 pro supports up to 10 CPU cores, while the max can handle up to 32 cores on the GPU front.

Third-Generation AirPods:

Apple has launched the third-generation AirPods, which offer some important improvements over the previously released second-generation AirPods and may be closer to the high-end features and design of the Airpods Pro. 

The new update includes improved battery life, spatial audio support, IPX4 sweat resistance, and a new MagSafe charger, but without silicone eartips or Active Noise Cancelling.

First, let’s talk about the design. It offers a shorter microphone bar, while a more contoured design eliminates harsh edges. It has an extra 6 hours of battery life and can be charged wirelessly via the MagSafe Charging Case. The AirPods and MagSafe Charging Cases are both  IPX4 water and sweat-resistant and therefore capable of withstanding anything from rain to intense training. Like AirPods Pro,  you can now hear spatial audio, which is a three-dimensional listening experience that tracks your head and locates sounds around you. They also accept AirPods Pro-style sensor input, so you won’t be touching the new headphones to check, but instead, you will be squeezing the stem of the AirPods.  

The New MacBook Pro:

The new MacBook Pro range is offered as the previous model in two forms: 16.2inch and a completely new 14.2inch version replacing the previous 13inch model. Both have the same design, features, and specs, with only the size of the display itself being the principal difference. 

What’s new about the MacBook Pro range with this?

Everything, basically.

The laptop is powered by the new M1 Max processor, which can support up to 10 CPU cores, 32 GPU cores, and a 16-core neural engine. The graphics processor performance on a laptop is equivalent to that of the RTX 3070. A 1080P camera is supported on a screen, as in Apple phones, MagSafe 3 charging, and 3 Thunderbolt ports. The laptop supports HDMI inputs. The physical keys have replaced the touch bars. The laptop operates quietly and can move 50% more air, even at a lower fan speed, and the fan can even sometimes be turned off for most of the tasks.

Apple Silicon’s increased power efficiency impacted the life of the battery. The 14-inch model can take up to 17 hours on a single charge, and the 16-inch model can last up to 21 hours.

Apple improves every day and surprises us with its incredible ideas. Everyone is constantly empowered by Apple products. Every device, piece of software, and service is created with accessibility features built-in. Apple devices have strong built-in applications. For nearly any profession, the App Store provides more tools. We all can’t wait to see the upcoming inventions.

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