Changes that teachers and students will notice after using iNote

In this article, you’ll  see a few different examples of how you can work from home more effectively if you have the right equipment.

As a result of the pandemic, many schools and universities around the world closed, and the demand for online and remote learning grew. As a result of this, the teaching method underwent a radical transformation. Educators and parents have begun to worry about how to improve remote education for their children in effective ways.

It is at this point that technology begins to take centre stage. Teachers can effectively educate their students in the online format. A drawing and writing tablet works in a similar fashion to a chalkboard or whiteboard in a traditional classroom.


CardoO iNote is a must-have for teachers because it can be utilized in so many different ways.

To begin with, it will be an alternative to paper and pens as you will be able to write all of your notes on it and then save them to your phone or laptop.

It can also be used for any online conference on Zoom, Microsoft Meeting, or any other software for this purpose.

It is easy for both faculty and students to communicate in offline classes, but it is much more difficult to interact with each other in online courses.The question is, “How can you generate successful interaction with the students?” You can achieve this goal by employing graphic tablets and conducting real-time online classes using any software.

Tutors can utilize a variety of applications to conduct live sessions with their students, and can also create and explain interactive content visually by writing, editing, and annotating directly in files and sharing their screens in real time. They can use a stylus and a tablet to mark assignments or presentations, annotate images or files, and draw diagrams and complicated functional equations with ease.

Through this instant visual communication, they can answer students’ questions to boost the students’ comprehension and retention.


PowerPoint and PDF documents are widely used in our daily learning and work. Especially in this special period, with the increasing popularity of distance learning/conferencing, the two tools have become more important than ever before.

The pen tools that PowerPoint and PDF readers provide allow you to mark and write notes on the documents with flexibility. With CardoO iNote’s smart stylus pen, you can highlight the key points, write down your throwaway ideas, and underline the important sentences in long reading assignments. Taking good notes will make your studies and work much more efficient.

As a student, you will probably have lots of homework to do, but what if you don’t have a desktop computer or laptop to hand? How can you submit your work efficiently, showing the detailed problem-solving process?

Nowadays, you can do almost everything on mobile devices, including but not limited to handwriting, drawing, and calculating. There is only one problem: it might reduce your efficiency, since the screens on mobile devices are not friendly for writing by hand.

You can consider connecting your smartphone with a tablet. CardoO iNote is compatible with all smartphones. The stylus works just like a real pen. In this way, you can feel as if you’re writing on real paper.

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