Everything you need to know about the CardoO iNote !

The first question that may come to mind is, “What is CardoO iNote?”

Were glad you asked, or more like we’re glad that thought came to mind…. in very broad terms one might define it as a smart board that aims to bridge the gap by offering digital convenience with a  truly paper-like experience. But you would be surprised…it is so much more than that!

Don’t worry! We will definitely go into more detail, just stick around till the end…we promise it’ll be worth your time! *Fingers crossed*

The basic days of the pen and paper are over, now it’s time for the real deal..aka..CardoO iNote! Mark our words when we say “CardoO iNote TAKEOVER” it will truly dominate the era of technology we live in with its user experience to its simplicity and design. Writing and drawing has never been this smooth and exciting!

Moreover, its authenticity to the replacement of pen-to-paper experience is truly groundbreaking. Not to mention, it’s effect on the environment, that alone…makes it worth every penny! Imagine no more need to produce paper, what a decision like this could do to the environment, perhaps our climate would stand a chance to change.

Who can use the CardoO iNote?

Is that even a question? It’s for Everyone…and we when we say everyone we mean EVERYONE! Check out the list below:

  • Teachers: since e-learning is dominating the education sector; there are many difficulties teachers face. The CardoO iNote simplifies the process by making the teacher demonstrate and take notes on the iNote while presenting the information on the computer. 
  • Students: it’s very difficult to keep up with taking notes using pen and paper and keeping everything organized or even most times it’s difficult to find notes we take. The CardoO iNote can store up to 8 hours of work offline. It also has a playback feature that comes in handy when trying to remember the sequence of the notes you took. 
  • Graphic designers: It goes without saying that the CardoO iNote is a staple item for every graphic designer. From sketching to designing to transferring all the work efficiently and effortlessly. It’s graphic design software friendly. 
  • Engineers: it doesn’t matter which segment you are in, you’ll definitely find our iNote useful for you. Whether you’re a computer science engineer needing to code and decode, or a civil engineer, or a mechanical engineer the uses of our iNote for your industry is endless and definitely worth it!
  • Doctors: break down and simplify any procedure you’ve got during the day with your iNote, it will always be glued to your hand…we’ve warned you! 
  • Architects: ease the process of sketching those buildings with our iNote, it also has a playback feature that will be of extreme importance for demonstration.
  • Fashion designers: be more accurate and precise when designing your technical designs for the production process
  • Management: brainstorm, schedule meetings, write your tasks, and prepare for your presentations 

What are CardoO iNote’s Key Features?

  • Wide active area that gives you a vast working space
  • Highly sensitive active area to touch and pressure 
  • High durability 
  • Built-in memory allows you to save up to 8 hours of continuous work offline
  • Battery that stays up to 50 hours and takes 2 hours to fully recharge
  • Highly sensitive and and accurate Stylus Pen 
  • Eye protection, relies on natural light 
  • Strong performance and lower power consumption
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Achieve synchronous drawing and handwriting playback in the APP

What are CardoO iNote’s App Features? 

  • App works on Android or IOS 
  • Editing options (color, filter,crop etc…) 
  • Availability to share on all social media platforms
  • Save your handwriting in any format  (PDF/JPG)
  • Live synchronous handwriting 

What are CardoO iNote’s Specifications?

  • The design is made to cater the art of sophistication and simplicity
  • Strong built body using one of the strongest ABS made to stand any 
  • The screen size is 10inch, working space is 21.5cm length and 13.5cm width. This will give you a good amount of space to draw and write in as you please. 
  • There are 3 buttons at the bottom of the iNote and they all depend on how you use them; as they can be used for variety of purposes
  • An indicator light will turn green for regular usage, compared to the yellow light indicating that the iNote is connected to the PC. A strong indicator light means the Stylus Pen is being used. Red light indicates that you’ve either saved an item or deleted an item. A continuous red light indicates that memory is full, in this case it’s best to transfer your data to your mobile or pc. 
  • Pen holder for the Stylus Pen, on the bottom there’s an on/off key that will allow you to lock your work for protection against deletion. 
  • The Stylus Pen is designed to be a replacement for the regular pen and it outperformed its use by its incredible accuracy, sensitivity, and precision. 
  • There are 4 tip refills for the Stylus Pen that come with every iNote purchase. 
  • One full recharge of the Stylus Pen will give you 200 hours, but you have to charge it once you receive your iNote package.  
  • The iNote works both vertically and horizontally according to your preference. 
  • Pressure level for the Stylus Pen is 8192 levels which means its highly sensitive 
  • Reading speed is 230PPS which avoids lagging in the device
  • Reading resolution is 5080LPI

What will you benefit from the CardoO iNote? 

  • Increasing your productivity and helping your environment
  • Keep all your work in-check without going through the hassle of searching for your pen and paper 
  • Handwriting save…which means no more losing ideas!
  • Digitize all your sketches 
  • Video playback will allow you to see exactly the steps you made throughout the whole process of sketching or taking notes
  • A full battery charge will result in about 1 week of use or 4 weeks of standby time.
  • Take notes, to-do lists, shopping lists and reminders with one simple click.
  • Find your perfect remote ready tools for students and teachers, eLearning, and remote working.
  • Pressure sensing with the appropriate drawing software.
  • Simulate the strokes of pencils, markers, watercolors, brushes, and oil brushes.
  • Eyesight friendly 

Practical uses for the CardoO iNote

You can use the CardoO iNote in various ways and that’s one of our favorite things about the iNote is its versatility. We already took the liberty of listing down all the ways the iNote could come in handy. 

  • Project management – Keep immediate tasks scheduled and organized with actionable to-do lists, and the overall project goals in the iNote. The iNote could also be a replacement for the mouse which eases the process of handwriting, e-signature, google search, and demonstrating on a presentation. 
  • Sketching / prototyping – connect your iNote with your PC or mobile device. When connecting iNote with your PC it supports all graphic design softwares (Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchbook etc…) It’s also video editing friendly, and supports Digital Sculpting, and 3D programs like Brush, Maya, 3D Max and Solidworks which helps in creating a storyboard, art concept, retouching and manipulation. 
  • Journaling – the iNote has 8hrs memory usage of offline working. Journal on the go and keep all your work in check.
  • Startup planning/pitching – Stay up-to-date with your sales figures, funding needs, and pitch deck on hand wherever you go.
  • Personal assistant – Keep a planner in the iNote, task list or to-do and save them in our device.
  • Speech writing, presenting – write it on the way to the speech, or at home with your iNote on hand to check facts
  • Games – (a fun practical use) it makes gaming a lot more fun! Not to mention, how easier the control becomes, especially for the shooting games. 

How to connect your iNote with your PC? 

  • Go to www.cardoo.co/support/inote or scan your QR Code from the user manual and click on “download.” Works on both Windows or Mac, setup the drive while the iNote is connected to the PC through the USB Port, after installing, restart your PC. 
  • Through the software you download when connecting the iNote to the PC you can control the pressure of sensitivity, the uses of the buttons for the Stylus Pen, amending options and features that satisfy you. Changing the action shortcuts of the iNote buttons. 

How to connect your iNote with your Mobile?

  • First off, the iNote works on both IOS and Android, for the IOS the software has to be 9 or above and the Android 4.3 or above. 
  • Go to your App Store or Play Store and download the eDraw application. You can also scan the QR Code in the User Manual. 
  • Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on and open the eDraw application, pick iDraw and click on the plus sign “ + “ and choose Upload Historical Works, you will find all the data is automatically uploaded, press on save to have it on your mobile device. 

What will you find inside your iNote package?

With every iNote package you will find these following items: 

  • 1 year Warranty 
  • User Manual
  • iNote with transparent cover
  • Stylus Pen + Stylus pen repair parts
  • Micro USB for charging and connecting to the PC 

After Purchase Experience
Our most important factor is providing the customer with ultimate satisfaction, that is why if you have any inquiries about our products you can contact us or visit us at our headquarters. Our customer service will be with every step of the way till we guarantee your satisfaction and exceed your expectations!

Who are we?

As technology is the fastest moving consumable good, we utilize this fact to create products that enhance the day-to-day lives of thousands, and even millions, of consumers every day.

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