Facebook’s latest app looks like Pinterest

Facebook is taking some inspiration from Pinterest.

Facebook (FB) has quietly released a new app called “Hobbi,” which allows users to save photos of projects and activities they’re interested in, much like Pinterest allows users to bookmark or “pin” content. Like Pinterest, Hobbi focuses on lifestyle topics such as cooking, home décor, and do-it-yourself projects.

According to the description for the app, which was spotted by The Information on Thursday, users can organize their photos into “collections,” a concept also popularized by Pinterest (PINS). Facebook’s app also lets users track the progress they’re making overtime with projects.

Facebook has a history of releasing features similar to rivals, including Stories – a concept pioneered by Snapchat where posts disappear after 24 hours, and augmented reality filters, which were also popularized by Snapchat. It’s also added food delivery, a shopping marketplace, and job postings to its platform.

Instagram, which Facebook owns, already offers users the option to organize their saved posts in collections. Pinterest and Instagram have also encouraged shopping through their platforms.

A Pinterest spokesperson pushed back on similarities between its service and Hobbi.

“We remain focused on building a visual discovery engine. Upon first look, Hobbi appears to be a photo saving app that lacks the discoverability, search, and recommendations of Pinterest,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“As described in the App Store, it’s meant to help you document and remember the things you do, which is about the past, while Pinterest is about discovering ideas and inspiring action for the future.”

Facebook’s “NPE Team” developed Hobbi, which launched in July. The group is creating new consumer apps.

“Many of the products we create will start small and may not resonate with everyone. And we expect many will be shut down as a result. That’s okay,” reads the team’s website.

Facebook declined to provide further details about the app, including in which countries it launched. It’s not yet available in the US.

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