Features of CardoO VR PRO

There’s a lot of features of CardoO VR PRO that we have to highlight it for you, we added new kind of features to give you the best experience, for instance:

You can choose the reality that you want to live in:

watch videos and play games with the 3D and 360° technology.

Be the hero of your favorite film and live each and every detail in it.

Press the new “ok” Button to interact with games and videos.

Travel all-over the world and discover the space from your seat.

New capabilities, New Experience:

You can hear with the pure quality sound (Ultra) with the built-in headset.

View everything with clear quality and full HD with the Acrylic lenses.

It’s made with the best materials to give best quality.

It’s lined inside completely to give you the comfort and to be completely detached from the reality.

You will completely control every part of the VR:

You can modify the size of the VR PRO to fit you completely with the 3 belts.

Also, you can modify the size of the headset and control the volume level.

Controlling the lenses and the distance between them, the angles and centering the screen.

Controlling the closeness and farness of the mobile from your vision.

Supports all kind of Smartphones Android and IOS from 4.7 to 6.2 inch.

Thousands of videos and games supports VR for free.

Who are we?

As technology is the fastest moving consumable good, we utilize this fact to create products that enhance the day-to-day lives of thousands, and even millions, of consumers every day.

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