How did Virtual Reality impacts on Education?

Virtual reality (VR) changed the way of learning for all students around the world with its major new resources for teaching and comprehending.

As it was discovered, absorbing a huge amount of information was so much better when the student enters a 3D world that makes learning fun, entertaining and enjoyable.

One of the greatest advantages of virtual reality is that it allows you to live an adventure by all means and explore new data without even leaving the classroom, visit museums and learn about history, have Mahatma Gandhi teach you and much more.

Main uses of VR in Education:

Learning different languages

Studies showed that an estimate of 1 billion people learning English alone, 95% is a major drop-off which is according to language experts is very expected when the environment doesn’t include exposure to natural setting and motivation.
this is due to the fact that instructors focus on the construction of the language itself rather than the use of the language.
Virtual reality helped to solve this problem by opening doors for practicing the language through immersion with people who speak the language needed to be learned and increase the engagement which by default will make learning any language a piece of cake.


Virtual reality will allow students to visualize lectures on anatomical structures in-depth to have a better understanding of how organs function in a very accurate way. They will even understand all the hard terms that can sometimes be very hard to explain but with observing everything as if it is real will make information a lot easier to be studied.


One of the most interesting uses of virtual reality in the educational system is that students can witness what happened in history, years before they were even born and experience what happened in Wars and battles. And they can judge everything from a different point of view which will make them see everything so much better than through books and explanations.

Build empathy They can go on trips to developing countries and be closer to other communities and different lifestyles of students like them which will increase their values, kindness, and empathy with others.

Travel in Time and space

Virtual reality will let students travel in time and space. They can eat their lunch on Mars and play football in galaxies without limitations at an affordable cost.

Career Determination

Students can use virtual reality to learn more about different career pathways, for example, they can be an engineer and actually build skyscrapers. This will let them know if they are interested in such a career or not, which will help them decide their future wisely.

To sum up, Imagine how fun to be able to learn and understand knowledge from a different point of view in a three dimensions view in addition to the interaction itself which allows the ultimate enjoyment of learning time.

In order for all this to be possible, many educational applications are now available on Apple and Play store to allow immersion in classrooms and even at home and each day new versions come out to increase student’s ability to discover and learn new things.

 Now tell us are you with or against introducing such a great technology into your child’s classroom?

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