Main Elements of CardoO Vr PRO

Let’s think deeply about The elements of CardoO Vr Pro and its aspects.
This is the main element of Cardoo Vr Pro experience.

Virtual world

An imaginary space that independently exist from the real world. The medium used to create this space is of course CardoO VR PRO.


The users are placed in a virtual space, cut from the real world on a sensory level. VR headsets allow this by occupying their whole field of vision, while headphones achieve the same results with sounds, thus fully immersing the users in another world with CardoO VR PRO.

Sensory feedback

CardoO VR PRO headsets track the position of the users within a given space. Users moving their heads or bodies will be given the illusion that they are moving in the virtual world. The Thing here is as close to reality as possible.


You will feel the reality when you put cardoO Vr PRO and start any kind of movie and you are going to interact with it, and you can play a game and you will be part of a game: Run , Shoot or any kind of interactivity.

In this article we will focus on two of the main aspects of vr design: comfort and interaction.


One the main challenges is to make the sure CardoO VR PRO is optimized for maximal comfort. Reducing head movements is an essential aspect. CardoO VR PRO can give you a 360°, fully immersive experiences. head movement remain comfortable between 30° to 50° to look left and right and 20° to about 50° to look up and down.


Interaction can be made possible through several ways. The most common one is the use of a reticle the user controls with its head.

Visual and audio cues can be used for wayfinding purposes. For instance, when facing the wrong way, a sound could attract the user’s attention and drive him or her to turn around.  

Who are we?

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