Major technology trends that will shape enterprises

As we start 2020, Jacob Chacko, Regional Business Head, Middle East, Saudi, and South Africa at HPE Aruba, gives an insight into major technology trends that will shape the industry in the Middle East, in 2020.

The rise of AI-based autonomous security

In 2020, AI-based, increasingly autonomous security technologies will become more prominent as emerging technologies.

For instance, IOT and edge computing applications consume security practitioners who will require a more efficient way to secure their organizations. 

In the coming year, security breaches will continue to plague organizations of all sizes, and attacks will become increasingly complex, widespread, and persistent, often carried out by coordinated teams of sophisticated hackers.

Network management goes from proactive to predictive mode

AI-powered automation, heightened programmability and the ability to take action based on insights are all attributes of a modern, self-validating network.

In 2020, we’ll see continued advancements in the areas of data analysis and security, among others, which will enable the process of network management to go from proactive to predictive, easing the burden on network managers and allowing them to focus their efforts on business-impacting issues.

The containerized future

In this modern era, networks that exhibit cloud-native characteristics.

For instance, modularity, programmability, elasticity, and resiliency, will become increasingly popular. 

Death of network software subscription models

Having network switches, routers, and controllers that go dark once the software registration ends are harmful to businesses.

When customers buy equipment, they want all the ownership of features, functionality, and network.

Not a ticking time bomb in the form of a services contract that could impede essential features, security functions, and even connectivity itself.

In 2020, customer-first subscription models tailored to cloud-driven strategies will emerge to deliver value and peace-of-mind.

Wayfinding is just the beginning

In 2020, location services will continue to advance and serve up more meaningful, personalized experiences to users and inviting them to engage with their environment like never before.

No longer just about wayfinding location services will enable a new host of services, based on proximity and preferences delivering value to both the provider and the user.

in the form of customized offers for the user and consumer insights for the provider.

In conclusion, it is hard to grasp the scale of innovation with the dynamic nature of the tech industry, the pace at which changes are happening.

The above list of predictions highlights some of the technology trends that we are Aruba believe CIOs and IT managers should take note of. it is far from exhaustive, It is interesting to wait and see the exciting innovations that 2020 will bring!

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