The elements of CardoO Vr Pro

You are wondering right now “WHY SHOULD I BUY THE NEW CardoO VR and what is the difference between it and the previous?” Here’s why…
As time is going faster than before, we have to be up to date and for that, we have updated our CardoO VR Headset to fit you.

CardoO VR Pro is the new generation of CardoO VR headsets!!

CardoO VR Pro design depended on both quality and comfortability, you can notice that with the classic black, its perfect details and streamlined design.

The best part is the body of the VR it’s made of one of the strongest plastics which is very resistant to any hits, in the same time the weight is very thin 425 gm. And the part that is touching the face is made of the finest types of leather that is filled with fiber, its structured with flexible part that takes the shape and size of your face and eyes.

You can also fix the VR on your head by a belt that has 3 parts, the upper part is filled with fiber, the back one is made of leather and the third belt can be adjusted according to the required size.

The new and coolest feature that the new VR comes with its own headphones  which is characterized by high sound quality and high purity Ultra, its designed with leather that is filled with soft fiber, you can control the headphones based on the size that fits you and also control the volume with the lower button.

CardoO upgraded the lenses of the VR to Acrylic that Resistant to breakage and the focal length is 42mm that gives you viewing angle of 120 degrees and not just that, it’s also provide you with Full color quality 1080*1920 Full HD to guarantee that you have the unique vision and experience.

some of the games requires from you to interact like aiming the target games, You Can interact with any game or Video with the “OK” button at the bottom of the VR body.

The inner lining of the VR prevents any external light or any distraction factor completely and with the Ultra Sound Quality it separates you from all around and fully integrates you into the experience.

which means that you are going to see matches as if you are at the stadium, you will live inside the games and interact, you can travel all over the world from your seat, also the VR will help the study part, you will enter the archeological sites, you will see history with your own eyes, visit the space and come back.

Despite all of this, the most important thing that CardoO VR Pro will let you have the Cinema experience in 3D in a moment time, you will see all the movies that you love and live it.

Who are we?

As technology is the fastest moving consumable good, we utilize this fact to create products that enhance the day-to-day lives of thousands, and even millions, of consumers every day.

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