The impact of Virtual reality.

If you are one of the people who may have watched ready player one, then you know that to enter a virtual reality world you will need a 3D (VR) glasses which will help in experiencing a whole different reality throughout a believable, interactive 3D computer-created world.

And as we discussed before, what is virtual reality and its key elements, we will discuss Virtual reality (VR) effect in our lives and how did it make the world as we know it so much easier in 7 points!

-How Virtual reality made practicing sports easier:

Studies showed that people stopped going to the gym after only 2 weeks from joining, a problem that virtual reality (VR) was able to fix with applications that can be downloaded from Android or Apple store that encourages the user to practice sports while staying at home.

 Not only that but also sports lovers were able to move freely in sports fields and watch their favorite teams in the stadium as if they are actually there!

– How Virtual reality simplified traveling around the world:

After discovering the tomb of Nefertari, the Great Wife of Pharaoh Ramesses II,  in 1904, scientists have found many deteriorated paintings caused by water damage, bacterial growth, salt formation, and recently, the humidity of visitors’ breath which caused to close it and restrict it to a very few numbers of visitors.

Then technology took over with the Virtual reality which gave people from all around the world the chance to visit the tomb virtually as if they were actually there and enjoy the magnificent symbols and paintings without causing any destruction.

Also, with the use of 360-degree films, VR allowed 99.9% of people who have never dived to uniquely experience the ocean.

– How Virtual reality helped in medicine & surgeries performance:

Virtual reality has proven to be of real benefit in surgery where it has played (and continues to) an important role in training resident and attending doctors on virtual patients and make them learn without any loses.
Also, it helped train surgeons before a dangerous surgery.

– How Virtual reality helped engineers:

Virtual reality engineering included the use of 3D modeling tools and visualization techniques as part of the design process. This technology enabled engineers to view their project in 3D and gain a greater understanding of how it works. Plus, they can spot any flaws or potential risks before implementation. Why go to building sites anymore?

– How Virtual reality-enhanced the gaming experience:

In a virtual world, visual perspectives are responsive to changes in movement and interactions mimic those experienced in the real world which gives gaming a whole new definition for the consumers. (i.e.: Shooting a player feels as if it is really happening)

-How Virtual reality took education to a better place:

Virtual reality made learning easier with its technology, the students will be able to learn in an interactive world which makes comprehending information so much easier from learning from traditional ways. (ex: Computers, books, etc.)

-How Virtual reality made dreams come true:

Technology made living on other planets possible.

Now you can walk on Mars or eat lunch on the moon or even dive underneath the sea and play with sharks!

To sum up, Virtual reality has changed our world as we know it completely, therefore, we need to keep updated with its evolvement to gain the maximum advantage of it for all humanity.

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