The truth about Facebook and the Chinese hacker

When applications used by thousands of individuals around the world blinked, companies were cut off from consumers and some Facebook employees were locked out of their offices.

Facebook and its family of applications, including Instagram and WhatsApp, have been unreachable for hours on Monday, taking out a vital communications platform used by billions and showcasing just how dependent the world has become on a company that is under intense scrutiny.The whole world felt that we were disconnected from each other, and although we are present next to each other, communication remains difficult.

What is the truth about what happened on the Facebook servers?!

Some people thought that it was a mistake by an employee inside the company, but the truth is, the issue was really a Chinese hacker!! Do you not believe that the issue is more dangerous than a simple oversight, and that there are other reasons for global national security?

The topic started before, when the Wall Street Journal leaked an official report from an unknown person to the Facebook company itself, talking about very dangerous facts..

These facts were that Facebook’s internal management, under the guidance of (Mark Zuckerberg), Chairman of the Board of Directors, renewed issues, violations and morals, its goal is money and profit, more than the safety of safety by their awareness..

No one believed and did not follow the topic or have any interest, except when the name of the character who leaked these secret animals was revealed..

Francis Haugen and Facebook’s crime

Francis Haugen, a previous engineer and product manager at Facebook, was one of the largest employees who resigned after collecting documents that reveal the truth about what is happening on Facebook and away from people’s eyes.Then, the world literally turned!!

The most important documents that Haugen took from Facebook administration..

  • Facebook says that their rules apply to everyone, and that no one is above the law.. Despite that, they have a system or a program under the algorithm of Facebook itself, called (XCheck). Unfortunately, this program has led to the ability for famous,  very important people on Facebook such as presidents, actors, politicians and others to violate the social rules of Facebook, and download anything they want.. whether it includes verbal harassment, insults, abuse, or even calls for violence.. and this without any penalties from Facebook!!… These penalties are for us only.
  • In a study conducted on the Instagram network (which was originally owned by Facebook), it says that the Instagram application negatively affects the mental health of a large proportion of teenage girls who use it. Despite these studies, Facebook made no strong decisions to stop this, and even refused to disclose it to Congress when it was being questioned. Mark. On the contrary, Mark was going to work on Instagram Kids for children under 13 years old, but of course, after what happened, the platform stopped working on it temporarily.
  • The employees of Facebook who follow the content that is published around the world have issued a huge number of warnings and red flags to people who use the network for criminal acts, such as human trafficking, for example, in the Middle East, or even people who use the network to spread sexual networks and prostitution.. Also, political leaders and governments who kill opponents by sensitizing them or silencing them… Despite all this, Facebook’s decisions to stop these crimes were weak and very limited!! Focus on what Haugen said in the next line. Haugen said that armed groups in Ethiopia are using the Facebook platform to incite violence against ethnic minorities there!!..and this was a big part and reason for the heartbreak and the civil war that is taking place there now in the last year, in which thousands of lives were lost!!

The fall of the 3 platforms (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp).

Frances Haugen has been officially invited to Congress to testify, for the massive investigation that the US Senate will open into the network’s hidden practices!! And here is what happened?!

A huge malfunction hit the three major networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram), causing them all to fall and literally disappear from the entire Internet!!

And this malfunction, according to an official report from the giant network monitoring company in San Francisco, Kentik, they said that an unknown person inside the company, Facebook itself, made an update to a need called (Border Routing Protocols Records” or what they call it for short, “Border Gateway Protocol) BGP… In the process of directing to the site you are working on, it will be sprayed on the Internet.. to show you the page you are looking at..

This update caused the settings to be withdrawn from the Internet!!

In short, I mean, Facebook servers, wireless connection, and this is the reason that no one knew how to connect it and not download any page..!! Also, the Instagram and WhatsApp networks are on the same Facebook network.

So, who did this update and ruined everything?!.. Is it a coincidence and a human error, or was this intended to catch up with their network, change the algorithms and modify the problems and scandals they have before the interrogation of the Congress that is coming?!

Can you imagine how dangerous things are right now?!Imagine the infinite power of a company like Facebook, and in the hands of someone like Mark, who can literally stop the whole world without a bullet or a soldier moving from his place!

Social media companies have literally controlled our lives and way of living in the twenty-first century! 

The topic is very terrifying. Facebook controls all aspects of social life for most people, according to their customs and cultures. You still are not aware of the seriousness of the issue.

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