Metaverse, The Legacy Of The Internet

A new revolution in the world of the Internet is happening, and Facebook is attempting to secure its position with billion-dollar investments and the hiring of over ten thousand engineers. The word “Metaverse” was created by Neal Stephenson in his novel “Snow Crash,” and it refers to a genre of science fiction in which humans are forced to live in an anthropomorphic virtual world. This is what the Metaverse will produce shortly.

What is the Metaverse?

The term consists of two parts, the first part (Meta), which is a Greek word meaning (beyond), and the second part (Verse), which is an abbreviation for the word universe, which means (cosmos), which means the literal meaning of the word (Metaverse) is the meta-universe.

The goal of this project is to construct a three-dimensional virtual environment on computers using simulation programs. In the future, we will be able to put on a headset that resembles virtual reality glasses like CardoO VR Pro and walk into an imaginary universe that we live in as if it were our actual world. You see it as what we do in our everyday lives, but without having to leave the room, and it’s quite similar to the worlds we’ve seen in films like The Matrix or Avatar.

The Metaverse launching:

Imagine a world where billions of people exist and a massive start-up like Facebook, which was founded in 2004, needs other massive companies to work on this technology. Consider Microsoft, which is massively investing in this project and then employing hundreds of engineers to work on their Metaverse projects. These aren’t companies or platforms like Google or Microsoft, and they aren’t projects like Facebook.

Huge digital games like Epic Games, which are heavily involved in virtual world projects, because, in the words of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, “this project is difficult to complete by one company and requires cooperation and development through more than one company,” so he plans to make Facebook just a platform under the name of another company.

Every country will be a part of a single enormous company with a new name.
No one knows the company’s name, and the topic won’t be revealed until Mark makes an official announcement at the Connect conference. The annual event will take place on October 28, 2021, and the new name is believed to be Horizon. However, Facebook just unveiled a new application for corporate communication named Horizon workspace. This is similar to Zoom and Microsoft Teams, with the exception that you build a virtual reality as if you were sitting in the office with your colleagues.

Where is the future going??

Now that we all know where the world is going and what Mark thinks about how to invest his vast wealth in what exactly he and the world’s wealthy people plan to change the shape of your life and the shape of all our children’s lives in the coming years, can you imagine what the world will look like in the future? And may there be complete virtual worlds in which you will live and interact with others exactly as you would in real life, worlds that are larger and more expensive than ours, in which you will be able to achieve anything you desire simply by thinking.

Who are we?

As technology is the fastest moving consumable good, we utilize this fact to create products that enhance the day-to-day lives of thousands, and even millions, of consumers every day.

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