Will we live in virtual reality instead of reality?

Changing Facebook’s name to META!!

Mark Zuckerberg spoke at the Facebook Connect conference on Thursday, October 28, 2021, to present news that will change the shape of the future, and this news is that Facebook will change its name to bring in a new era of technology.

He announced that Facebook had changed its name to Meta, only days after the business announced the launch of the virtual world Metaverse. Thousands of engineers are now building and constructing a virtual world in which you may spend your entire life without ever leaving your current location.

By changing the company’s name, Facebook will become simply another app like WhatsApp or Instagram, all of which will be associated with the Meta company that Mark mentioned. These apps also unveiled the company’s new logo, which would be in the shape of an infinity symbol in blue (∞), sending a clear statement that the company’s technological ambitions are limitless.

Mark stated that the public regarded his company as only a social networking site, but that the company’s initial goal was to embrace massive technologies such as the Internet in its original form. It links people and has no competitors, and that metaverse will cross all of the boundaries that we know in social media, according to Mark. This was a response to all of the latest apps that compete with Facebook, such as Tik Tok and others. He stated that his objective is for the metaverse to achieve one billion users in the next 10 years.

The company would invest ten billion dollars in the development of the technologies required to construct the metaverse. Mark showed visuals similar to the universe he was intending to create at the Connect conference, in which semi-animated figures traveled in space and these characters represented These metaverse users’ virtual characters are not other characters in virtual meetings or individuals attending 3D social events.

Metaverse’s first product

Mark unveiled two new products at the conference. Project Cambria is the first product, and it’s a VR or virtual reality headset that will include new technology that will allow your avatar to make natural eye contact and reflect expressions of doubt. VR or virtual reality technology is already used in many places, such as games, and it’ll include new technology that will allow your avatar to make natural eye contact and reflect expressions of doubt. Simultaneously, this will enable the individuals with whom you are in contact to express how you feel. The second product will be unique in that it will be the first headset created by Meta in its new shape, under the name “Project Nazare.”

VR has been around for a long time. So what is the difference between the VR that exists now and the metaverse that Mark creates?

The current VR technology will be limited to games, but the metaverse will be an open world with augmented reality or AR technology, a world in which you can do everything, including go to the movies, shop, and attend social events, and Mark stated that there will be jobs available because the world will be turned upside down after the Connect conference.

The danger

Humans may lose the line between reality and metaverse as a result of future technological advancements, according to fears expressed by philosophers in the late nineteenth century about (super-realism), which meant that if humans could accurately create images and models of reality, humans would eventually lose the dividing line. Between reality and simulation, social and political fears are far more dangerous, because if corporations control the metaverse, it will continue to be a nightmare for humanity. After all, companies’ primary goal will be profit, and the metaverse will be a means of attracting the largest number of people.

The issue of replacing your real life with a virtual life is a terrifying topic if you do not deal with it with understanding and prohibition. In Metaverse, you will do everything you want without moving from your place and without supervision and laws. You will collect money, relationships, and build a life in an imaginary world that does not exist. The only way to die in it is to log out. The final decision is yours. Do you live a real-life or a virtual life with no existence?

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