The most important and best types of smartwatches.

The smartwatch played a vital role in saving someone’s life, thanks to its capabilities in alerting any abnormalities related to blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, or overall health. By pinpointing the location, it communicated with emergency services through a detailed message about the person’s condition and location, and the emergency services responded to the message and […]

Egypt’s Tech Prowess Shines with CardoO Buds’ Latest Launch

Cairo, Egypt – December 16, 2023 – Building on the monumental success of the CardoO Watch, which became a top seller in Egypt and garnered over 50 million views across various platforms in just five months, CardoO is excited to announce the launch of the CardoO Buds. This latest innovation from Egypt’s leading technology brand […]

How to prepare a healthy and tasty lunch box for your children in few steps

School is almost here!  Preparing a healthy and tasty lunch box at the same time is a complex equation, but you can solve it with new ideas that contain all the nutrients that build your children’s immunity and also enjoy the taste. A healthy lunch box must contain: Protein: lean meat, chicken, eggs, legumes, soy […]

الأكل الصحي في رمضان

بتختلف الأطباق على السفرة كل يوم، وكل بيت فيه عاداته في الأكل، بس الحاجة المشتركة بينهم كلهم هي الأكل التقيل. خلي رمضان السنة مختلف وبدل الأكل الغير صحي، بأكل يفيدك ويساعدك توصل لهدفك، سواء انقاص الوزن، زيادة الوزن، او حتى انك تفضل صحي.  أكلات مفيدة لازم تبقي في نظامك الغذائي: التمر… التمر احسن حاجة تكسر بيها […]

نصايح رمضان لجسم صحي

رمضان فرصة متتعوضش انك تخس الكام كيلو الزيادة اللي عندك, في المقالة دي هنقولك ازاي تستفيد بالشهر ده اكبر استفادة ممكنة, وتخرج خاسس وجسمك متعود على حرق الدهون برضو بعد رمضان.  اشرب كفايتك من المياه من الفطار للسحور لازم تاخد كمية المياه اللى جسمك محتاجها. وفي طريقة كويسة جدا ممكن تساعدك تعرف جسمك محتاج كام […]

How do I protect myself from water retention in my body?

كتير مننا مشغول في حياته اليومية سواء في الشغل، البيت، أو حتى الدراسة، ومش بنلاقي وقت نهتم بصحتنا. وممكن حاجة بسيطة – المياه – جنبنا طول اليوم تكون خطوة مهمة لجسمك وأنت مش واخد بالك. والوزن الزيادة اللي عندك ممكن يبقي مياه مش دهون، جسمك بيفشل انه يخرج المياه الزيادة اللي في الأنسجة واللي بنسميه […]

Will we live in virtual reality instead of reality?

Changing Facebook’s name to META!! Mark Zuckerberg spoke at the Facebook Connect conference on Thursday, October 28, 2021, to present news that will change the shape of the future, and this news is that Facebook will change its name to bring in a new era of technology. He announced that Facebook had changed its name […]

What You Don’t Know About Obesity

Obesity Before talking in-depth about obesity, you need to know what it means. Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive built-up fats in your body that present a risk to health. A certain amount of body fat is needed for storing energy, heat insulation, and other functions. It puts a person at risk […]

Metaverse, The Legacy Of The Internet

A new revolution in the world of the Internet is happening, and Facebook is attempting to secure its position with billion-dollar investments and the hiring of over ten thousand engineers. The word “Metaverse” was created by Neal Stephenson in his novel “Snow Crash,” and it refers to a genre of science fiction in which humans […]